An activity is scheduled or unscheduled:

  • A scheduled activity can represent the use of resources, and delivery of part of the subject matter for a module to one or more student sets, for a specified duration, on a specified day and at a specified time, over a span of one or more weeks (see teaching week pattern). For example, a lecture, practical, or tutorial. A scheduled activity can have in-week repetition. Required resources can be specified, see requirement.
  • A scheduled activity can also represent non-teaching events, such as meetings, open-day events, and assessments. So, not all of the elements listed above are compulsory. For example, a staff meeting does not involve student sets or a module; an event such as an open day involves only a location.
  • An unscheduled activity represents an unsatisfied demand for resources for a specified purpose, because the event has not been assigned a day and time.

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