activity template

A generalised description of an activity, which sits between the activity and module within Syllabus Plus Course Planner and Enterprise Course Planner. The set of activity templates that are associated with a module describe how the module is delivered from the perspective of a student, for example, the lectures and tutorials that the student must attend to study the module.

An activity template describes similar characteristics to an activity, such as duration, name, planned size, availability pattern, and requirement. These properties are inherited by activities that are generated from the template; the activity template name forms the basis for the resulting activity name. For example, to create the activity name, numbers can be suffixed to the activity template name, because multiple activities can be generated from the same activity template. Multiple activities are generated when the planned size of the activity template indicates that more than one instance of the activity is needed to accommodate all of the students who require it. Syllabus Plus enforces that any student set can be allocated to only one of the activities generated from each template.

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