Week pattern bar

The week pattern bar indicates which weeks' activities are displayed in the timetable area.

A number annotated screenshot that indicates elemetns of the week pattenr bar

The week pattern bar (click the image to expand it)

The bar is displayed above the timetable area and consists of the following elements:

Light grey cell (see 1, above)

A week that you are viewing (in the timetable area).

White cell (2)

A week that you are not viewing (in the timetable area).

Dark grey cell (3)

A week that an item that is selected in the Views pane is not available. Weeks that are coloured dark grey are weeks that you are not viewing.

Note: If you select multiple items in the Views pane, weeks that are not available for one of the items might be viewed (light grey cell). This occurs if one of the other selected items contains activities that are scheduled during those weeks, or if you select an unscheduled activity in the Activities pane and its teaching week pattern contains those weeks.

Green square within cell (4)

If one or more activities are selected in the Activities pane:

A week within the teaching week pattern of at least one of the selected activities.

To see which weeks each individual activity is scheduled for, see the Scheduled Weeks column of the table in the Activities pane.

Yellow marker

Indicates the current week. The current date is determined by your workstation's date setting.

Numbers above the bar (5)

Teaching week number.

Tooltips over each cell

If you hover the mouse over a cell, a tooltip displays the week number and start date.

Tooltip above the bar

If you hover the mouse above the bar, a tooltip displays the following information:

The combined teaching week pattern of the selected activities

The weeks that you are currently viewing

To toggle whether a week's activities are viewed, click the week in the week pattern bar.

When you select items in the Views pane, the weeks that are displayed in the timetable area changes, and the week pattern bar is updated:

  • If you select a module in the Views pane, the timetable area displays the weeks that the module is available. Those weeks become light grey in the week pattern bar; all other weeks become dark grey, because they are not displayed and the module is not available.
  • If you select any other type of item, for example a location:
    • Enterprise Timetabler displays the weeks (light grey) that contain at least one scheduled activity that is associated with that item. For example, activities that are allocated the selected location. Weeks that the item is not available become dark grey. All other weeks become white.
    • If all the activities that are associated with that item are unscheduled, or no activity is associated with it, all weeks that the item is available are displayed (light grey). Weeks that the item is not available become dark grey. Unscheduled activities might be associated with an item because they have a preset requirement for it.

If you select an activity in the Activities pane, green squares in the week pattern bar indicate the activity's teaching week pattern. Those weeks are also displayed in the timetable area; the corresponding weeks become light grey in the week pattern bar.

  • Tip: To prevent the viewed weeks from changing when a different activity is selected in the Activities pane, or when you select a different item in the Views pane, click the Lock Weeks button (see 6, above) in the toolbar.

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