View activities and timetables

To see when the activities of an item such as location or student set are scheduled, find the item, then view the item's timetable. You can choose how the timetable is displayed. You can also view unscheduled activities; for example, before you schedule activities to create a timetable, you can list the activities that comprise a specified module.

About this task: Your access to items and activities is controlled by the permissions that are assigned to you. Different users can have different permissions, for example because they work for different departments. So, the items and activities that are displayed by Enterprise Timetabler might differ between you and other users.

A number annotated screenshot that supports instructions for viewing activities and timetables

View a timetable (click the image to expand it)

To display an item's timetable, follow these steps:

  1. In the Views pane, find the item whose timetable you want to display:
    1. Select the item's type from the menu at the top of the Views pane (see 1, above).
    2. Optional: To help you find the item you are looking for, you can add columns to the table; some columns might contain data that help you identify the item that you are looking for. You can search, filter, and group items in the table in the Views pane, and you can sort the items.
  2. Click an item in the table (2). Enterprise Timetabler displays the item's activities and timetable:
    • The item's activities are listed in a table in the Activities pane (3). If you clicked an activity template, the activities were created from that template. If you clicked a part of the academic structure, such as a module, the activities are part of that element of the structure. If you clicked a resource, the activities are allocated the resource, or have a preset requirement for it. If you clicked a student set or student, they are allocated to the displayed activities.
    • The item's timetable is displayed in the timetable area (4).
    • Tip: To display only the activity that is selected in the activity table, click the Show Selected Activities button (5) on the Timetable toolbar.
    • The week pattern bar is updated.
    • Tip: You can select more than one item from the table in the Views pane. Each selected item's activities are loaded into the activity table.
  3. If required, search, filter, group, and sort the data in the activity table.
  4. Select a timetable view, and set options that determine how the timetable is displayed . The default timetable view is the Combined timetable.
  5. To view another item's timetable alongside this timetable, open a new window.
    • Tip: To apply the current filter setup to the activity table in any window that you subsequently open, click the Lock / Unlock Filter button (6) on the Timetable toolbar.

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