You can change the scheduled days and time, resource requirements, resource allocation, and duration of an activity for part of its teaching week pattern. For example, if a staff member is absent for the first four weeks of the teaching year, you can allocate a different staff member to their activities during that time.

Enterprise Timetabler can replace an activity with multiple separate activities, known as variant activities. Each variant represents part of the original activity's teaching week pattern. So, their teaching week patterns cannot overlap. The original activity is unscheduled and hidden, then becomes the variant parent of the variant activities. You can independently change each variant.

A screenshot that identifies the Variant Mode button

The Variant Mode toolbar button (click the image to expand it)

To enter variant mode and create variants, click Variant Mode (see 1, above) in the Timetable toolbar. You can create variants when you reschedule an activity or edit resource allocation. Enterprise Timetabler displays an exclamation mark and Variant Mode in the status bar at the bottom of the application window. After you make a change that creates a variant, Enterprise Timetabler exits variant mode.

Tip: To exit variant mode without making any changes, click Variant Mode again.

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