Unschedule activities

To remove activities from the timetable, you can unschedule them. Their scheduled days and time are removed. The activities are not deleted; you can schedule them again later.

A number annotated screenshot that supports instructions about unscheduling activities

Unschedule activities (click the image to expand it)

To unschedule activities, follow these steps:

  1. Choose which activities to unschedule:
    • To unschedule all the activities that are associated with an item in the Views pane, select the items in the Views pane (see 1, above). You can select multiple items. For example, you can select multiple modules.
    • To unschedule specific activities, select items in the Views pane, then select activities in the table in the Activities pane (2).
  2. In the Scheduling menu, click Unschedule (3).

    Note: Each activity's scheduled days and time are removed, but suggested days and time are not removed. An activity's suggested days and time can record information about the position that the activity last occupied in the timetable.

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