Soft constraints

The day and time that Enterprise Timetabler schedules an activity for is influenced by soft constraints. Enterprise Timetabler chooses a day and time that does not break hard constraints, and that provides the highest level of satisfaction of soft constraints.

In the Scheduling Preferences window, you can adjust the level of influence of each soft constraint. The following soft constraints are available. Some constraints apply only to some item types.



Avoid Overtime

Favour resources that have not exceeded their contracted periods.

Avoid Problems

Favour times that result in fewer broken constraints.

Best Fit

Favour rooms whose capacity is a better match for the activity size.

Least Specialized

Favour resources that have fewer suitabilities and consequently are less specialised.

Note: The chosen resource must still satisfy all the suitability criteria of the activity.

Load Balancing

Favour resource allocations that increase the equality of resource utilisation. The scope of the load balancing process is the set of resources that are suitable and available for the activity that is being scheduled.

Clump: Favour the resources that are allocated to the most activities.

Minimize Travelling

Favour resources that require the least travelling time from the required location; favour locations that require the least travelling time from the required equipment.

This constraint has an effect only if travel times are recorded in travel tables.

Preferred Starts

Favour times that the item prefers activities to start at.

Preferred Usage

Favour times that the item prefers activities to be scheduled for.

Primary for Suitability

Favour resources whose primary suitabilities match the activity's suitability criteria. Resources can have primary suitabilities and other suitabilities.

Suggested Time

Favour times that are closest to the activity's suggested time.

This soft constraint applies if the Suggested Time hard constraint is not currently enforced. To set whether it is enforced, see Select which hard constraints are enforced.

Usage Spread

Favour times that result in an even spread of activities over the full week of the item's timetable.

Clump: If the option is selected, activities are scheduled close in time to other activities in the item's timetable. If the item's timetable contains no activities, this constraint has no effect.

Scientia Ref: 4232. For Enterprise Timetabler 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019