Select which hard constraints are enforced

You can choose which hard constraints Enterprise Timetabler allows you to break. You can choose which constraints are never broken, which constraints are broken only when you explicitly choose to (see Constraint breaking mode), and constraints which can be broken at any time.

About this task: If the permissions that are assigned to you do not allow you to break constraints, then the settings in the Constraints window have no effect. Your permissions also determine whether you can select which constraints are enforced.

To select which hard constraints are enforced, follow these steps:

  1. In the Tools menu, click Constraints.
  2. In the Constraints window, choose whether each constraint is Always applied, Usually applied, or Never applied. The default setting is Always.




    The constraint cannot be broken.


    The constraint can be broken when Enterprise Timetabler is in constraint breaking mode.


    The constraint can be broken.

    1. In the Avoid Double Booking Constraint area, choose an option for student sets, locations, staff members, equipment.
    2. In the Time Constraints, Activity Constraints, and Other Constraints areas, choose an option for each constraint. Your choice might affect multiple item types; for example, the Maximum Hours constraint can be applied to students, student sets, and resources.

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