Resolve a scheduling problem

When the data that forms the timetable breaks a hard constraint, Enterprise Timetabler generates a scheduling problem. Each problem indicates an inconsistency in the scheduling data. For example, an activity that is allocated a location that is too small, or a member of staff who has exceeded their contracted hours.

A scheduling problem can arise in the following scenarios:

  • You change the properties of an item, such as a location. For example, if the capacity of a location is reduced, it might become too small for activities that use it.
  • You schedule an activity or allocate a resource. For example, if a location can be used by two or more separate groups of students for different activities that occur at the same time, you might deliberately allocate it to multiple simultaneous activities.

When a problem is generated, Enterprise Timetabler displays a pop up message and the problem count beside the Problems / Waived button in the Status pane increases.

A problem is associated with an activity or an item. For example, if an activity is not allocated the staff member that it requires, the activity has a problem. In contrast, if a staff member is allocated to two simultaneous activities, the staff member has a problem.

To begin resolving a problem, list scheduling problems, and identify the problem that you want to resolve. To help you to find it, you can view the details of each problem, and identify the activities that it is associated with.

Next, resolve the problem in one of the following ways:

  • Fix the problem. For example, to fix an Avoid Double Booking Constraint problem, allocate a different resource, or reschedule the activity.
  • Waive the problem . For example, if a location has an Avoid Double Booking Constraint problem but it can be used for multiple activities simultaneously, you might waive the problem.

Note: Your ability to make changes that break constraints, and create waivers, is controlled by the permissions that are assigned to you.

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