Reschedule (control the resource allocation)

You can use the Resources tab to control resource allocation when you reschedule an activity.

Choose one of the following options:

Tip: Another way to choose a day and time when an alternative resource is available is to add items to the timeline on the Master Timetable tab, then drag an activity to a different row. See Reschedule (allocate suitable resources).

For example, to allocate a staff member's activities to their colleagues, select Staff Members in the menu at the top of the Views pane, then select the staff member and their colleagues in the table in the Views pane. Click the Master Timetable tab above the timetable area; the timeline contains a row for each selected staff member, and blue diamonds indicate valid start times. To reschedule and reallocate an activity in one action, drag the activity to a new time in a different row. Note: You can allocate a resource that does not satisfy the activity's preset requirement.

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