Request mode

To allocate a resource that you have request permission to use, Enterprise Timetabler must be in request mode. For example, you might have request permission to use locations that are not owned by your department. For more information about permission levels, see Permission levels.

A screenshot that indicates the position of the Request Mode button and provides an example of an amber triangle in the timetable area

Request Mode (click the image to expand it)

To enter request mode, click Request Mode (see 1, above) on the Timetable toolbar. The following actions occur:

  • Depending on your task, in the timetable area, amber triangles (2) indicate valid start times for the selected activity. For example, you might select a scheduled activity, then look for a new time to reschedule it for.
  • Resources that you have request permission to use are added to resource lists in the Enterprise Timetabler user interface. For example, the list that is displayed when you click Search in the Location row on the Resources tab.

Your actions under request mode have several effects .

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