Multi-view timetable

The multi-view timetable represents the teaching week as a timeline. The rows of the timeline correspond to the items that are associated with a specific activity. For example, the multi-view timetable of a lecture contains rows for the location, staff, resources, and student sets associated with the lecture.

You can use this view for the following purposes:

  • Identify when the focus activity can be rescheduled to. To display possible start times for activities, see Indicate when an activity can be scheduled.
    • Note: If the activity has a flexible requirement (for example, on the location), then rescheduling the activity might result in Enterprise Timetabler allocating a different resource to the activity.
  • See the effect that moving the focus activity would have on the resources, student sets, and staff that are associated with it. For example, rescheduling the activity might remove desirable gaps between activities in their timetables.
  • Adjust the timetables of the currently allocated resources in order to accommodate a change to the focus activity.

A screenshot of the Multi-view view

Multi-view timetable (click the image to expand it)

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