Move or dock a pane

To place information where you want it, you can customise the position of panes. You can move a pane and position it anywhere on your computer desktop. For example, if your workstation is connected to multiple monitors, you can create more space for the timetable area in the Enterprise Timetabler window, by placing the Views pane on one monitor and placing the main Enterprise Timetabler window on another monitor. Alternatively, you can move a pane and dock it elsewhere in the Enterprise Timetabler window. Enterprise Timetabler resizes and arranges other panes to accommodate it.

To move a pane and position it anywhere, follow this step:

  • Drag the title bar of the pane to a new location.

To dock a pane at a new location, follow this step:

  • Drag the title bar of the pane, and release the mouse button when the pointer is over the appropriate icon. Each icon represents a different location in the window; before you release the mouse button, a shaded area provides a preview of the new location. The following icons are displayed:



    The pane moves to the edge of the application window.

    This control is displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over a pane. The arrow icons (indicated by red squares) correspond to positions relative to the pane. For example, you can move the Reasons pane below the Status pane.

    The central icon (indicated by a red square) converts separate panes into tabs that share a pane. For example, status and reasons information can be displayed on separate tabs of the same pane. To convert a tab back to a window, drag the tab handle.

To reset the pane layout and display all panes in their default position, reset the user interface.

Scientia Ref: 4232. For Enterprise Timetabler 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019