Load a snapshot

To work with a snapshot, you must load it into Enterprise Timetabler.

To load a snapshot, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button, then open the All Programs or Apps list. Open the Scientia folder, then click Scientia Enterprise Timetabler.
  2. In the Image Selector window, select the snapshot that you want to load, then click OK.

    Note: The window contains snapshots, but also contains other images, such as the image that you load to work with live timetabling data. In the Image Selector window, select only snapshots.

  3. Select a load option , then click OK.

Result: Enterprise Timetabler starts; the Enterprise Timetabler application title bar contains the snapshot name. You can work with the data in the snapshot; for example, you can edit resource allocation, create variants, and reschedule activities.

By default, the writeback and refresh buttons are greyed. Snapshots are usually used independently of the image that they are a copy of and the SDB, for example to model a "what-if" scenario. However, you might need to write back your snapshot changes to the SDB, for example, if the "what-if" scenario occurs.

Scientia Ref: 4232. For Enterprise Timetabler 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019