Jointly taught activities

A jointly taught activity (JTA) is a single activity that replaces, in the timetable, multiple activities from different modules. Such activities are combined because they involve the teaching of the same material by the same staff member, in the same location. For example, a maths module and a psychology module might involve the same lecture about statistics.

The JTA models the reality that the students of each of those modules attend the same activity. An activity cannot be associated with more than one module; the maths module and psychology module must each contain a distinct statistics activity. However, both statistics activities can be replaced in the timetable by a single JTA.

The replaced activities are not deleted. They are hidden, a relationship is created between each of them and the JTA, and they become parents of the JTA.

Activities can be added and removed from JTAs. When an activity is removed, it is unhidden, its relationship with the JTA is deleted, and the activity can be independently scheduled.

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