Delete a redundant waiver

You can delete a redundant waiver. If the problem that was fixed will not reoccur, its waiver has no value; it will not be used again. If the problem does reoccur, you can create a new waiver.

To delete a redundant waiver, follow these steps:

  1. If the problem list is not already displayed in the Views pane, click Problems / Waived in the Status pane.
  2. To expand the Waivers area, click the arrows in the Waivers area. The waivers are grouped by problem type.
  3. Click the waiver that you want to delete. You can select multiple waivers. To delete all waivers within a group, click the problem type.

    Note: If a waiver is redundant, its details are italicised, and the Redundant column contains a tick. You can sort and filter on the Redundant column.

  4. In the Actions menu, point at Problems, then click Delete Waiver.

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