Create an activity from a template

To accommodate the number of students that are enrolled on a module, multiple activities can be generated from a template. For example, a module might involve a lecture in a large hall, then a small seminar activity; several seminars might be necessary to provide sufficient capacity for the students. The initial set of activities can be created in Enterprise Course Planner; you can create additional activities in Enterprise Timetabler.

About this task: A student set cannot be allocated to more than one activity generated from a specific template. So, to create activities that students on the module must attend in addition to the activities already generated from a template, copy an activity or manually create an activity.

A number annotated screenshot that supports instructions about how to create an activity from an activity template

Create an activity from an activity template (click the image to expand it)

To create an activity from a template, follow these steps:

  1. In the Views pane, find the activity template that you want to use:
    1. In the list at the top of the Views pane, click Activity Templates (see 1, above).
    2. Optional: To help you find the template that you are looking for, you can add columns to the table; some columns might contain data that help you identify the item that you are looking for. You can search, filter, and group items in the table, and you can sort the items.
    3. Click an activity template (2). The activities already generated from that template are loaded into the table in the Activities pane.
  2. Alternatively, find an activity that was generated from the template that you want to use. You can use one of the following methods:
    • You might know which items the activity is associated with. For example, its module or location. Select the appropriate item type from the list at the top of the Views pane, then select an item in the table.
    • Use the activity filter to find the activity.
  3. In the table in the Activities pane, right-click an activity, then click Generate From Template (3). You must right-click an activity that is directly associated with a template; variants, jointly taught activities, and activities that were created for a section do not fulfil that criteria. A new activity is added to the table.

    Note: The activity's teaching week pattern consists of the weeks that are common to the availability pattern of the activity and the availability pattern of the module that it is part of.

What to do next: The new activity is not scheduled, so to add it to the timetable you must schedule it.

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