Choose which characters surround each variant's week pattern

By default, the week pattern within a variant activity's name is surrounded by angle brackets (for example, Data Analysis/L/01 <05-06, 08-12, 15-19>). However, in the Options window, you can change which characters surround week patterns.

Note: If you change these settings, they are applied only to activities that are subsequently created. Also, this setting is shared with other users of the data set. If you change this setting, click Writeback, and then another user clicks Refresh, your setting change is applied in their Enterprise Timetabler application.

To choose which characters surround the week pattern, follow these steps:

  1. In the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. In the Variant Week Delimiters area on the Application tab (see 1 below), specify the opening and closing characters you want to use. In the example depicted below, a new variant would have a name like this: Data Structures/P/01 (01-04).
  3. Click OK.

A number annotated screenshot that supports instructions about changing the delimiter characters for variant week patterns

The Variant Week Delimiters settings (click the image to expand it)

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