Change the scheduled weeks of an activity

When Enterprise Timetabler schedules an activity, its scheduled weeks match its teaching week pattern. You can use the week editor to change the activity's scheduled weeks. Enterprise Timetabler also changes the activity's availability pattern.

About this task: You can edit the weeks of a unscheduled activity. The Week Editor window displays the activity's teaching week pattern, and displays what the activity's scheduled weeks will be. After you click OK, Enterprise Timetabler schedules the activity.

A number annotated screenshot that supports instructions about changing the scheduled weeks of an activity

Change the scheduled weeks of an activity (click the image to expand it)

To change the scheduled weeks of an activity, follow these steps:

  1. In the table in the Activities pane, right-click on the activity that you want to modify, then click Edit Weeks. The Week Editor window opens; its contents include the following elements:
    • The Activity names field (see 1, above) displays the name of the activities that you are editing. You can modify multiple activities in one action.
    • The Current weeks field (2) displays the current scheduled weeks of the activity.
    • The week bar contains a cell for each week in the teaching year. A dark grey cell (4) indicates a week when the activity cannot occur because the module is unavailable. A green square (3) indicates a week when the activity occurs. A white cell indicates a week that you can add to the activity's scheduled weeks.
  2. To retain the activity's current resources after it is modified, select Keep current resources:
    • If Keep current resources is selected, dark grey cells also indicate weeks when the current resources are not available. You cannot add those weeks to the activity.
    • If alternative resources are available in those weeks, and you subsequently clear the Keep current resources box, the dark grey cells become white cells . You can add those weeks to the activity.
  3. In the week bar, edit the scheduled week pattern:
    • To toggle the inclusion of a single week, click its cell in the bar.
    • To toggle the inclusion of a range of weeks, click then drag from the first week in the range to the last. The change applied to the first week in the range is applied to every week in the range.
    • The Add weeks, Delete weeks, and Resulting weeks fields (5) summarise your actions.
    • Note: The week pattern must contain at least one week. If you remove all weeks from the week pattern, Enterprise Timetabler greys out the OK button.

  4. Click OK.

Result: Enterprise Timetabler modifies the activity.

Variants of the same activity cannot have teaching week patterns that overlap. So, if you modify a variant by adding weeks that belong to a sibling variant, the Variant Week Changes dialog box opens. To confirm that you want to move weeks between variants, click OK.

Scientia Ref: 4232. For Enterprise Timetabler 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019