Booking requirements

When you use booking mode, you enter information in the Booking requirements pane, about the event that requires a resource.

Enterprise Timetabler uses some of the information to identify suitable resources:




A suitable resource can accommodate the activity in its timetable, which contains one or more sequences of consecutive free blocks, whose combined duration equal the event duration.

Duration is specified in periods. Beside the Duration box, Enterprise Timetabler displays the equivalent duration in hours.

Planned Size

If you are booking a location, a suitable venue has a capacity that is greater than or equal to the event's planned size.


A suitable resource is owned by, or shared with, the department that the event is associated with.

If you select [None] in the Department box, a resource that is owned by any department is suitable. A resource that has no owning department is not suitable.


If you are booking a location, a suitable venue has a zone that matches or is part of the activity's zone.

If you select [None] in the Zone box, a location that resides in any zone, or has no zone, is suitable.


A suitable resource satisfies the activity's suitability criteria. For example, the location suitability criteria for a conference event might include a projector and audio speakers.


A suitable resource is available on the specified day, during the weeks that you specify in the week pattern bar when you create the booking.

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