Add a new activity

To add a new event to the timetable, create an activity, then schedule it. You might create academic activities, for example, an additional lecture for a module; or you might create a non-teaching event, for example, a staff meeting.

About this task: You can add sequencing relationships to the new activity. For example, you can specify that the new lecture must take place later in the week than the module's existing lectures. You can also specify requirements of the activity. For example, you can specify the room that it must take place in, and the time and days that it must occur.

To add a new event to the timetable, follow these steps:

  1. Create the activity. You can create activities in the following ways:
    • Create an activity from an activity template. The new activity's property values are copied from the template, and the activity is associated with a module. A student cannot attend more than one activity generated from a specific template. For example, the timetable might contain several occurrences of a small seminar activity that a student must attend only one of.
    • Manually create an activity. You specify the values for the new activity's properties. You can create non-teaching or academic events. If you do not need to add requirements to the activity (as described in step 3), you can create and schedule the activity in one step.
    • Copy an activity. Alternatively, copy a scheduled activity, and schedule the new activity, all in one step. The new activity's property values, requirements, sequencing relationships, and student set allocations are copied from an existing activity.
    • Create activities for a section. Enterprise Timetabler generates the activities that a student who is enrolled on the section must attend.
  2. Optional: Add sequencing relationships to the activity . You can specify activities that must occur before, after, or at the same time as the new activity.
  3. Optional: Add requirements to the activity. You can create the following types of requirement:
  4. If the activity is not already scheduled, then to add the activity to the timetable, schedule it.

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