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Enterprise Timetabler window
Start Enterprise Timetabler and load timetable data
Interaction between the application, images, the database, and the SDB
Configure Enterprise Foundation to use SQL Server
Customise the user interface
Choose which columns are displayed in a table
Change the order of columns
Change column width
Hide, reveal, or pin a pane
Move or dock a pane
Reset the user interface
Change the user interface language
Receive changes made by other users
Review conflicts detected during a refresh
Set up the refresh reminder
Save your changes
Send changes to the SDB
Save the image when you exit Enterprise Timetabler
Create a snapshot
Load a snapshot
Write back snapshot changes to an SDB
Edit data in other Enterprise Foundation applications
View activities and timetables
Search, filter, and group items in a table
Use the auto filter row
Create an advanced filter
Group items in a table
Create an activity filter
Activity filter properties - Audit tab
Activity filter properties - Day/Time tab
Activity filter properties - Weeks tab
Activity filter properties - Categories tab
Activity filter properties - Resources tab
Activity filter properties - Status tab
Activity filter properties - General tab
Sort items in a table
Week pattern bar
Refine the viewed weeks
Change your view of the timetable
Combined timetable
Master timetable
Multi-view timetable
Change the timetable orientation
Exclude days and times from the timetable view
Change the level of activity detail that is displayed
Edit the activity layout
Indicate when an activity can be scheduled
Indicate why an activity cannot be scheduled for a specified start time
Open a new timetable window
Save the current filter and column layout
Add a new activity
Create an activity from a template
Create an activity manually
Items that activities are associated with
Copy an activity
Copy Activities options
Copy a scheduled activity (drag and drop)
Create activities for a section
Sequencing relationships
Same time activity relationships
Preceding and succeeding activity relationships
Adding sequencing
Activity properties
Activity requirements
Add a flexible resource requirement to an activity
Add a preset resource requirement to an activity
Apply preset requirements that cause scheduling problems
Add preset days and time to an activity
Add pooled equipment requirements to an activity
Jointly taught activities
Create a jointly taught activity
Jointly Taught Activities options
Edit the name and description of a jointly taught activity
Add an activity to a jointly taught activity
Remove an activity from a jointly taught activity
Delete a jointly taught activity
Permission levels
No permission
Request permission
Full permission
Edit an activity
Set and unset suggested days and time
Edit the availability pattern of an activity
Edit the availability of periods
Components of the availability pattern editor
Groups and tags
Add activities to a group
Tag activities
Recombine variants
Merge variants
Delete some variants of an activity
About deleting all but one variant of an activity
Delete all variants of an activity
Delete activities
Create bookings
Booking requirements
Grant or deny a resource request
Print or export a timetable
Schedule an activity
Automatically schedule activities
Backtrack scheduling
Automatically schedule activities (Schedule Special)
Manually schedule an activity
Show scores
Invalid start times
Identify the activities that block scheduling of a specified activity
Display more reasons in the Reasons pane
Change the duration of a scheduled activity
Select which hard constraints are enforced
Constraint breaking mode
Scheduling options
Skip unschedulable activities
Exhaustive travel check
Double book \ Under resource \ Off
Defer resource
Adjust scheduling preferences
Soft constraints
Request mode
Outcome of actions under request mode
Reschedule an activity
Reschedule (allocate suitable resources)
Reschedule (control the resource allocation)
Choose a day and time when the current resources are available
Choose a day and time when alternative resources are available
Change the scheduled weeks of an activity
Resolve a scheduling problem
Types of problem
List scheduling problems
Print a list of scheduling problems
Waive a scheduling problem
List waivers
Unwaive a scheduling problem
Waiver redundancy
Delete a redundant waiver
Unschedule activities
Edit resource allocation
Manually select suitable resources
Search for resources available at another day and time
Search for a group of suitable and available resources
List pending resource requests
Edit student set allocation
Unallocate resources
User management
Control user access to data and features
Audit user activity
Access logs

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