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Manually select suitable resources

You can search for suitable, available resources, then select which resources are allocated to an activity.

Before you begin: Follow steps 1 to 3 of Edit resource allocation.

About this task: You can allocate any suitable, available resource that you have permission to use. A suitable resource has the following characteristics:

  • It satisfies the activity's suitability criteria. To display the Suitabilities table for a resource type, click the plus icon in the top corner of the Resources tab row that corresponds to the resource type.
  • It is owned by or shared with the activity's department.
  • If it is a location, its capacity is equal to or greater than the activity size.
  • If it is a location, it has a zone that matches or is part of the activity's zone.

To determine whether a suitable resource is available, Enterprise Timetabler checks the resource's availability pattern and its timetable. If the activity is scheduled, the check uses the activity's scheduled day and time. If it is not scheduled, the check uses the activity's suggested day and time.

To manually select a suitable resource, follow these steps:

  1. To extend the choice to resources that you have request permission to use, click Request Mode in the Timetable toolbar.
  2. On the Resources tab in the Activities pane, click Search in the appropriate row. For example, to allocate a different staff member to the selected activity, click Search in the Staff row.
  3. In the Current column, a table contains the currently allocated resource and other suitable resources that are available. Perform one of the following actions:

Result: A set of resources that are acceptable to you are listed in the Current column. The set of resources consists of the resources that you selected in tables, and the resources displayed in rows that you did not click Search in. To complete the resource allocation process, continue at step 5 of Edit resource allocation.

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