You can use zones to describe the distinct geographical areas of the institution. Zones might be physically separate sites, different buildings on the same site, or different floors of the same building.


The geographical structure of your institution might be hierarchical. In the following example, the Computing Building zone is part of the North Site zone. In EDRDM, each zone has its own Zone property; in this property, select the parent zone, if applicable. The location that Enterprise Timetabler allocates to an activity must have a zone that matches or is part of the activity's zone.

A zone selected in the Zones window


Resources can be associated with zones. You can associate a location with a zone, to indicate where the room is located. You can associate a staff member with a zone, to indicate their preferred zone for teaching activities. When travel times are calculated during scheduling, mobile resources (such as staff members and equipment items) are deemed to begin the day in their preferred zone.

Depending on your permissions, you can do the following tasks:

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