You can use suitabilities to describe a resource's type, purpose, or other attributes. You can apply multiple suitabilities to a resource, and multiple resources can have the same suitability.

For example, your deployment might contain the following suitabilities: Lecture hall and Has projector. A large lecture hall (for example, Main Lecture Hall) might have both these characteristics. So, after you create Main Lecture Hall in EDRDM, you apply the Lecture hall and Has projector suitabilities to it. A small, minor lecture hall might have no projector, so you apply only the Lecture hall suitability to it.

You must first create the suitabilities in EDRDM. Then, also in EDRDM, you can apply suitabilities to resources.

The value of suitabilities is that they enable Enterprise Timetabler to allocate suitable resources to activities:

  • Activities can have suitability criteria associated with them. The selected suitabilities collectively describe a resource that is suitable for the activity. During scheduling, Enterprise Timetabler allocates a resource that fulfils the criteria.
  • In Enterprise Timetabler, you can use suitabilities to enable you to create a shortlist of suitable resources. Enterprise Timetabler allocates a resource that is on the shortlist.

Depending on your permissions, you can do the following tasks:

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