Components of the availability pattern editor

You can use the availability pattern editor to set the availability of whole weeks, and of individual periods within a week.

The availability pattern editor consists of the following elements:

  • The Teaching week pattern bar. Each cell of the bar represents a week of the teaching year. Weeks that are set as available are shaded grey ; weeks that are unavailable are unshaded .
  • The Week Pattern for Constraints bar. The weeks that are selected determine which weeks your actions in the week grid are applied to. Selected weeks are shaded grey ; unselected weeks are unshaded .
  • The week grid. You can set the availability of each period of the teaching week. For example, a staff member might be unavailable all day Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning, but available at all other times.
    • Periods that are available are shaded white; periods that are not available are shaded dark grey ; periods that are available in only a subset of the weeks that are selected in the Week Pattern for Constraints bar are shaded light grey .