About Enterprise Course Planner

Enterprise Course Planner (ECP) is designed to assist with the process of planning course delivery at a high level.

It enables you to describe the teaching being offered and describe the method of delivery associated with that teaching. For example, the institution offers a degree programme in a particular subject. In order to attain that degree a student must complete the study of a set of modules. In order to complete each module successfully the student must attend a specified set of activities (perhaps a weekly lecture and a weekly tutorial over the course of a semester).

By describing the method of delivery for each module and estimating the number of students that will attend that module, you can plan sufficient activities to accommodate the demand and ensure that appropriate activities are kept clash free. For example, if it is expected that 20 students will take both modules A and B and the lecture for each is only delivered once then the two lectures must not clash. If there are associated tutorials then a sufficient number of these must be kept clash free to accommodate the 20 students. Enterprise Course Planner will build the necessary constraints that are applied by Enterprise Timetabler when the activities are scheduled.

If the system is linked to a data source that records actual demand for modules (typically either a student record system or Scientia's Student Allocator), then the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard will provide an overview that shows up any discrepancy between the real demand and what was planned.

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