Use the item selector

In various places in Enterprise Foundation applications, you must select items. For example, in Enterprise Course Planner, to filter the data that the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard displays, you can select departments. This control is used in multiple places within Enterprise Foundation applications, to select different types of item.

An Unselected list, buttons that move items to and from the Unselected list, and a Selected list

Select a department in Enterprise Course Planner

To move an item from the Unselected list to the Selected list, use one the following methods:

  • Click the item. Or, to select multiple items, press and hold Ctrl, then click items. To move the items, click the double arrow that points towards the Selected list.
  • Double-click the item in the Unselected list.

To move items in the other direction, select them, then click the double arrow that points towards the Unselected list. Or, to move a single item, double-click it.

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