Student student sets

A delimited list of the student sets that the student belongs to. This column is read-only.

However, you can allocate the student to different student set:

  1. In the student list, select the student.
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the Student Editor window, click Change Student Sets. The Move Student Sets window opens. It contains a list of the students sets that the student can be allocated to; these student sets are associated with the same modules as the student's current student set. The list includes their current student set.

    Note: If you selected only one student, their current student set is selected. If you selected multiple students, no rows are highlighted unless all the students are allocated to the same student set.

  3. Select the student set that you want to move the student to.
  4. Click Move. The student is moved to the selected student set. If they were not already allocated to a student set, they are allocated to the selected student set.

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