Print, export, or email data

You can print, export, or email the data that any item editor window contains. For example, to view a list of modules, you open the Module Editor window; you can print the data that this window contains.

To print, export, or email data, follow these steps:

  1. In the item editor window, click Print (see 1, below).
  2. The Preview window

  3. In the Preview window, configure the printout or export. The buttons on the toolbar provide access to configuration functions:



    Customize (see 2, above)

    Opens the Print Options window.

    On the Options tab of the Print Options window, you can choose which parts of the table are included in the hard copy. For example, you can choose to not include column headers. On the Behavior tab, you can choose whether column width is automatically set, and whether any collapsible groups in the item editor window are automatically expanded.

    Page Setup (6)

    You can set the paper size, print orientation, and print margins.

    Header and Footer (7)

    You can specify and style the headers and footers that are used in the printout or export.

    You can combine the text that you enter with tags that insert data (for example, page number, or today's date).

    Scale (8)

    You can scale the document to a percentage, or specify that it must fit a specified number of pages horizontally.

    Color (10)

    You can set the background colour of the document.

    Watermark (11)

    You can enter text or choose a picture that will appear on each page, in front of or behind the data. For example, "First Draft". You can style the text, and you can set the level of text or image transparency.

  4. After you have configured the printout or export, you can use the navigation tools (9) to preview each page.
  5. Print, export, or email the data:
    • To select print options before the document is printed, click Print (4). You can select a printer, set the number of copies and the page range to print, set printer-specific preferences, then send the document to the printer.
    • To send the document directly to the default printer without selecting any options, click Quick Print (5).
    • To export the document, click the arrow beside the export icon (12), select an output type, configure the export, then click OK.
    • To email the document, click the arrow beside the email icon (13), select an output type, configure the export, then click OK. The document is saved in a location that you select, then is attached to a new email.
  6. Optional: To save the document, click Save (3). If you save the document, you can load it into this tool again later and create more printouts and exports.

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