Pathways with too many available spaces

If a pathway is less popular than expected, then the bar and the number beside With >= [0-100]% available spaces in the Pathways section of the dashboard will indicate that the pathway has too many available spaces.

In the percentage box, enter a number. For example, if you enter 20, the dashboard indicates how many pathways have a number of available spaces that is 20% or more of the pathway's total size.

The proportion of available space that is acceptable will vary depending on the stage of the planning cycle:

  • If many students have not yet registered at the institution, you would expect the number of available spaces to be high.
  • If most students have registered and the number of available spaces is high, you might want to take action to resolve the problem.

To resolve the problem, click Show beside the indicator. The Pathway Editor window lists the pathways that have too many available spaces. In the Pathway Editor window, click Planning Formulae to reduce the total size of the pathway.

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