Move a student to a different activity

You can move a student between the activities of a particular activity template.

To move a student, follow these steps:

  1. Open an activity template list.
    • To open a list of all activity templates, click Activity Templates in the View menu.
    • To open a list of activity templates that is filtered by department, click the Department box in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard, select a department, then in the Templates section of the dashboard, click Show (beside the Total value).
  2. Select the activity template whose activities you want to work with, then click Template Allocator in the toolbar. The Activity Template Allocator window opens.

    Move a student to a different activity

  3. Identify the student set that contains the student that you want to move. Then, click the icon (1, above) beside the student set name, in the corresponding row. Enterprise Course Planner displays a nested table (2) that lists the students that are members of that student set. Initially, all students have a tick in the same column, because they are all allocated to the same activity.
  4. Identify the student that you want to move, then select a different box in their row. You can repeat this step for multiple students.
  5. To make the change, click Apply (3). Or, to make the change and close the window, click OK (4). If necessary, Enterprise Course Planner creates a new student set.

Scientia Ref: 4281. For Enterprise Course Planner 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019