Module availability pattern

A description of the module's availability during the weeks that comprise the teaching year. The availability of a module determines the weeks, days, and times that its activities can be scheduled for. You can specify the availability of entire weeks, and the availability of individual periods during each week.

For example, a module might follow a pattern of delivery where all its activities are delivered within the first semester and between 09:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, excluding Wednesday after 13:00:

Example of an availability pattern

For information about the components of the availability pattern editor, see Components of the availability pattern editor.

If some patterns of availability are used regularly, you can create named patterns of availability that can be reused. For example, the pattern above can be named Semester 1. You create named availability patterns in Enterprise Desktop Reference Data Manager.

If an item is associated with a named availability pattern, its Named availability property contains the name of the pattern. If it is associated with a custom pattern, the property value is [Custom...].

By making weeks unavailable at the module level, you restrict the parts of the year when activities of that module can be delivered. Each activity of the module does not have to be taught in all the weeks when the module is available, but it cannot be taught in weeks when the module is unavailable. A newly-created module is assumed to be available all the time.

To set module availability, see Choose or create an availability pattern.

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