Detect and resolve discrepancies

The Enterprise Course Planner dashboard indicates when discrepancies between planned delivery and real demand have occurred. You can view a list of the items that have the discrepancy and access tools that help you to resolve it.

The Enterprise Course Planner dashboard

On the dashboard, discrepancies are indicated in red within each coloured bar. The percentage number on the bar, and the number beside the bar, provide an accessible method for detecting discrepancies. For example, you can see how many modules have a high number of available spaces (see 1, above).

If a discrepancy is indicated, you can view a list of the items that have that discrepancy (3) and access tools that facilitate the necessary adjustment.

The dashboard contains several sections: Programmes of Study, Pathways, Modules, Templates, Student Sets, Students, and Activities. Each section corresponds to a type of item that you work with in Enterprise Course Planner, and contains coloured bars for discrepancies particular to that item type. Note: When data changes, the bars in the dashboard will turn grey. This change of colour indicates that the dashboard is not displaying current data. If this occurs, refresh the dashboard.

For some types of discrepancy, you can define what constitutes a discrepancy. For example, you can set the threshold that characterises a high number of available spaces (2).

Filter dashboard data by department

To set the dashboard to only indicate discrepancies within particular departments, you can select one or more departments. Click the department box (4) in the toolbar above the dashboard, then select departments. Enterprise Course Planner displays only discrepancies that are associated with the departments that you selected. You can also view lists that contain only items that are owned by that department (5).

Programme discrepancies

Pathway discrepancies

Module discrepancies

Activity template discrepancies

Student set discrepancies

Student discrepancies

Activity discrepancies

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