Describe activity templates

Activity templates are used to describe how each module is delivered, from the perspective of a student taking that module. For more information about activity templates, see Activity template.

At this stage, you do not have to think about the number of times each activity will have to be repeated in order to accommodate student numbers. You only need to think about creating activity templates to describe the experience of an individual student. At a later stage, you can use Enterprise Course Planner to generate the appropriate number of activities from the template.

To create activity templates for modules, follow these steps:

  1. Open a module list.
    • To open a list of all modules, click Modules in the View menu.
    • To open a list of modules that is filtered by department, click the Department box in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard, select a department, then in the Modules section of the dashboard, click Show (beside the Total value).
    • You can search, filter, group, and sort the list that Enterprise Course Planner opens.
  2. In the module list, click the modules that you want to create activity templates for.

    Tip: If you select multiple modules, a distinct activity template will be created for each module.

  3. In the toolbar at the top of the Module Editor window, click Create Activity Template (see 1, below). Enterprise Course Planner does the following actions, and the outcome will resemble the following image:
    • In the module list, Enterprise Course Planner expands the module that you selected, and displays tabs that contain the activity templates, student sets, students, and pathways of the module.
    • On the Activity Templates tab, Enterprise Course Planner creates an activity template and associates it with the module. The name of the template matches the name of the module; you can edit the name. It is common practice to use the module name as the stem for activity template names; typically, you might add a suffix that gives an indication of activity type.
    • In the example below, the new activity template in the Software Engineering 2 module is selected. The module has a total size of 60 and has two other templates. Software Engineering/L describes a large lecture that is delivered to 60 students. Software Engineering/P describes a practical session that is delivered to smaller groups of 20 students.

    Create an activity template

  4. Enter information about the activity template. You can enter information into the new row, or use the activity template editor. Each cell of the row represents a different property. For more information about each property, see Activity template properties.

    Note: Your permissions determine which properties you can add data for. Cells that corresponds to properties that you do not have permission to add data for are greyed.

  5. To save the new activity template, click Apply. Or, to save it and close the module list, click OK.

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