Copy a pattern of allocation

If the curriculum plan contains modules that have the same structure and are attended by the same students, you can copy the student set allocation from a template in one module to a template in another. Copying the allocation enables you to ensure that particular groups of students study together, because they attend the same activities.

For example, Student Set 1, Student Set 2, and Student Set 3 are all studying Module A and Module B, because those modules are mandatory on those students' programme of study. Also, both modules require a student to attend a lecture, and one of two tutorial sessions. In Module A, Student Set 1 is allocated to ModuleA\Tutorial1, and Student Set 2 and 3 are allocated to ModuleA\Tutorial2. You can copy that allocation to the tutorial activity template of Module B. After you do that, Student Set 1 is also allocated to ModuleB\Tutorial1, and Student Set 2 and 3 are allocated to ModuleB\Tutorial2.

To copy a pattern of allocation to the clipboard, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Activity Template Allocator window for the template whose allocation you want to copy. To do this, follow the steps in Adjust the allocation of student sets to activities.
  2. In the top corner of the Activity Template Allocator window, click Copy Pattern. Enterprise Course Planner displays the name of the copied activity template in the other top corner of the window.

To apply that allocation to another activity template, follow these steps. You can repeat this process to apply it to multiple activity templates.

  1. Open the Activity Template Allocator window for the template that you want to apply the allocation to.
  2. If the allocation can be applied to this activity template, the Paste Pattern button in the toolbar is not greyed. To apply the allocation, click Paste Pattern.
  3. Note: You can apply the allocation if the following conditions are satisfied:

    • The list of student sets in the Activity Template Allocator window for this activity template matches the list for the activity template whose allocation you copied.
    • The same number of activities have been created from both templates.

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