Add students in Enterprise Course Planner

Most institutions will have a student record system where student information is held, and will run an established process for transferring that data to Enterprise Foundation. So, Enterprise Course Planner is not usually used to add students, and it is likely that your permissions within the application will ensure that you cannot add or delete students, or edit most student properties. This section of this guide is included for users who are able to do those tasks.

To add a student, follow these steps:

  1. Open a list of students.
    • To open a list of all students, click Students in the View menu.
    • To open a list of students that is filtered by department, click the Department box in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard, select a department, then in the Students section of the dashboard, click Show (beside the Total value).
  2. Click the plus icon below the list of students. Enterprise Course Planner adds a row to the list and moves the text cursor to the Name box.

    A red square that indicates the position of the "plus" icon

    The "plus" icon below the item list

  3. Enter information about the student into the new row. Each cell of the row represents a different student property. For more information about each property, see Student properties.

    Note: Your permissions determine which properties you can add data for. Cells that corresponds to properties that you do not have permission to add data for are greyed.

  4. To save the new student, click Apply. Or, to save it and close the list of students, click OK.

    Note: The new student is not saved to the SDB and is not visible to other users until you use click Writeback in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard.

  5. To close the list of students, click OK.

Scientia Ref: 4281. For Enterprise Course Planner 3.15.1. Copyright © Scientia Ltd. 2019