Activity template

Activity templates are used to describe how each module is delivered, from the perspective of a student taking that module.

For example, a module might be delivered as a combination of lecture, tutorial and practical activities. All the students taking the module must attend the same lecture, but are split into smaller groups for tutorial and practical activities. An activity template is created for each activity that an individual student must attend. If each student attends one lecture per week, one tutorial per week, and one practical per week, then you create three activity templates.

Each template has a size that indicates the number of students that can be accommodated in a single activity of this type. So, the lecture might have a size of 100, the tutorial a size of 20, and the practical a size of 15. When you create activity templates, you do not have to think about the number of times each activity will have to be repeated in order to accommodate student numbers. You only need to think about the experience of an individual student.

At a later stage, you can use Enterprise Course Planner to generate the appropriate number of activities from the template. By dividing the number of students expected on the module by the size of the activity template, Enterprise Course Planner can calculate the minimum number of activities required to accommodate all the students.

Note: The relationship between a template and the activities that are generated from it continues after they are generated. The property values, constraints, and resource requirements that are associated with an activity template are inherited by the activities generated from it. However, this inheritance ceases when a property of the activity is edited at the activity level, so that it differs from its template. That particular property of the activity is no longer inherited from the template. Inheritance of the property recommences only when the activity and template's values for that property match again.

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