Activities that are over-allocated

When you manually allocate student sets to activities, it is possible for you to allocate a group of student sets whose collective size exceeds the size of the activity. In this scenario, the activity is over-allocated.

You might decide that a particular level of over-allocation is acceptable. If you have a choice between allocating 152 students to an activity with a planned size of 150 (perhaps accommodated in a lecture theatre of that capacity), or repeating the lecture to two groups of 76, you might opt to retain the over-allocated activity on the assumption that 100% attendance is unlikely.

The bar and the number beside Overallocated by >= [0-100]% in the Activities section of the dashboard indicates how many activities are over-allocated. In the percentage box, enter a number.

To resolve the problem, you can reallocate student sets. Or, you can increase the planned size of the activity. However, if the activity is already scheduled, then increasing the size of the activity might cause scheduling problems if the activity's currently allocated location cannot accommodate the enlarged activity. Scheduling problems are detected and resolved in Enterprise Timetabler.

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