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Configure Enterprise Foundation to use SQL Server

If SQL Server or SQL Server Express is installed on your workstation, you can configure Enterprise Foundation applications to use it to manage their database. Using SQL Server to manage the local database can improve the performance characteristics of Enterprise Course Planner.

To use SQL Server or SQL Server Express, follow these steps:

  1. When no other Enterprise Foundation applications are open, you choose a data option when you start Enterprise Course Planner. Below the I would like to area of the window that you select an option in, click Configure.
  2. If necessary, modify the value in the Instance box.
  3. Click Test Connection. If the test succeeds, Use Connection is no longer greyed out.
  4. If necessary, modify the authentication settings on the Authentication Mode tab.
  5. Click Use Connection. The SQL Server Configuration window closes.
  6. The I can use SQL Server check box is no longer greyed, and it is selected.