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Templates with insufficient capacity

After activities are generated from templates, it is possible to edit the size of those activities independently. If you reduce the size of the activities (for example, so that they could be accommodated in available locations), then it is possible that even though the number of activities matches the calculated requirement, the total capacity of those activities is less than the size of the module.

For example, suppose that a module that has a size of 100 has a template of size 10. Initially, 10 activities are generated, each of size 10, to accommodate the demand for the module. Now, suppose that you reduce the size of one or more of the generated activities, because they have to be scheduled into a location with a capacity of 8. There will now be the correct number of activities (10) but insufficient capacity.

The bar and the number beside With insufficient capacity in the Templates area of the dashboard indicate how many templates have this discrepancy.

To resolve the problem, click Show beside the indicator. The Activity Template Editor window lists the templates that have insufficient capacity. In this window, you can generate activities.

An alternative resolution is to increase the size of activities:

  1. In the Activity Template Editor window, click the plus icon (1, below) beside the template whose activities you want to modify. The plus becomes a minus, and Enterprise Course Planner displays tabs that contain items that are associated with the template.
  2. On the Activities tab that is displayed, right-click the activity that you want to modify, then click View Activities Selection (2).
  3. In the Activity Editor window, modify the Planned Size of the activity.
  4. To save your change and close the window, click OK.

Figure 35: View Activities Selection