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Student set constraints

You can associate time-based, hard constraints with the student set. In conjunction with the student set's availability pattern, the constraints that you select determine the weeks, days, and times that the activities the student set is allocated to can be scheduled for.

In Enterprise Course Planner, you can associate a constraint profile with a student set. A constraint profile is a collection of constraints; you can construct constraints and constraint profiles in Enterprise Desktop Reference Data Manager.

For example, you might select a constraint profile that contains the following constraints:

  • A break of at least an hour on each week day
  • A maximum span of the activities on each day, so that the elapsed time between the start of the first activity in the day and the end of the last does not exceed 8hrs

In a list of student sets, the constraint profiles that are applied to a set are displayed as a comma separated list, in the Constraint Profiles column. If that column is not present, add it to the table.

To select which constraint profiles are applied to the student set, follow these steps:

  1. In the list of student sets, find the row that corresponds to the set that you want to modify.
  2. Click the cell in the Constraint Profiles column.
  3. Select constraint profiles .