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Refresh the dashboard

The bars on the dashboard show the results of a set of queries against the local database. When data changes, the bars will turn grey. This change of colour indicates that data has changed since the queries were last run. For example, the dashboard might turn grey because student sets were deleted.

Each bar indicates the results of a particular query. The time that each query takes to run depends on the size of the dataset; running all the queries is likely to take between a few seconds and a few tens of seconds. Enterprise Course Planner does not rerun the queries after every data change. Instead, you can use the refresh functions when you need to see updated results.

For example, you might need to modify the properties of several items, and the query results might be of interest to you only after you finish doing so. The bars will turn grey after your first change; you can continue to make changes while they are grey. When you complete your changes and are ready to see updated results, you can refresh particular sections of the dashboard, or you can refresh the entire dashboard.

Figure 9: Greyed Enterprise Course Planner dashboard

To refresh the dashboard, click one of the menu items in the Dashboard menu (see 1, above). Refresh All refreshes every section of the dashboard; all other menu items refresh a particular section.

Note: The dashboard is also updated when you click the department box (2) in the toolbar above the dashboard, then select departments.