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Reallocate students that are studying a particular module

Enterprise Course Planner can identify the students that are currently studying a particular module. Then, it can individually reallocate them to an activity from each of the templates that are associated with the module. Allocation is guided by your allocation preferences.

To reallocate students, follow these steps:

  1. Open a module list.
    • To open a list of all modules, click Modules in the View menu.
    • To open a list of modules that is filtered by department, click the Department box in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard, select a department, then in the Modules section of the dashboard, click Show (beside the Total value).
  2. In the Module Editor window, select the module whose students you want to reallocate. You can select multiple modules.
  3. In the top corner of the window, click Reallocate.
  4. If the action causes student sets to become empty, Enterprise Course Planner lists the redundant sets and asks you whether it should delete them.