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Programme total size

An integer that defines the capacity of the programme of study. Depending on your permissions, you can set the total size.

Enterprise Course Planner can use the total size to generate student sets later in the planning process.

For example, you might set the total size of the programme to 100. When Enterprise Course Planner allocates individual students to the activities that they are required to attend, it creates temporary "planning students" to increase the number of students on the programme to 100 (regardless of the real number of students currently on the programme). The "planning students" are deleted after student sets are generated.

The number of real students might eventually become larger than the total size that was used for planning, or conversely might be far lower than the total size. The dashboard indicates both of these discrepancies in the Programmes of Study section. On the dashboard, see the following coloured bars: With <= [number] % available spaces; With >= [number] % available spaces.