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Pathways with few real students

During the planning phase, it is important to know how many students are likely to follow each of the possible pathways. This information enables you to generate student sets that cause a sufficient number of activities to remain clash free.

As students' module choices are added (either manually in Enterprise Course Planner or by extracting data from another system), Enterprise Course Planner calculates how many students are on each pathway, then compares this total to the pathway's total size.

Pathways that have few real students (or more significantly, no real students) are of interest. In these scenarios, the scheduling of some activities is unnecessarily being kept clash free.

The bar and the number beside With <= [0-100] real students in the Pathways section of the dashboard will indicate how many pathways have too few real students. In the box, enter a number. For example, if you enter 0, the dashboard indicates how many programmes have no real students.

To resolve the problem, click Show beside the indicator. The Pathway Editor window lists the pathways that have too few real students. In the Pathway Editor window, you can make the pathway inactive, or delete it. Or, to reduce the size of the pathway, click Planning Formulae.