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Pathways with few available spaces

When students register their module choices, Enterprise Course Planner receives that information and calculates how many students are on each pathway. To calculate the amount of available space on a pathway, its reserved size and the number of real students that are on it are subtracted from its total size.

As the module selection phase nears completion, it would be expected that there would be few or no available spaces on each pathway. A pathway that reaches that state well before the phase is complete is more popular than was expected.

The bar and the number beside With <= [0-100]% available spaces in the Pathways section on the dashboard will indicate that the pathway has insufficient available space. In the percentage box, enter a number. For example, if you enter 5, the dashboard indicates how many pathways have a number of available spaces that is 5% or less of the pathway's total size.

To resolve the problem, click Show beside the indicator. The Pathway Editor window lists the pathways that have insufficient available space. In the Pathway Editor window, click Planning Formulae to increase the size of the pathway or make reserved spaces available.

Note: Enterprise Course Planner does not place a limit on how many students can choose a particular combination of modules. Controls like these are implemented in the tool that students use to make their module choices, such as Scientia Student Allocator. Enterprise Course Planner accepts the module choice information that is receives from that tool; consequently, the number of available spaces can become negative. A negative number indicates that more students have chosen that pathway than was planned for.