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Generate activities

To create the activities that ultimately are attended by students, you can generate activities from activity templates. Enterprise Course Planner can calculate how many activities to create (to satisfy demand), or you can manually specify how many to create.

To generate activities, follow these steps:

  1. Open an activity template list.
    • To open a list of all activity templates, click Activity Templates in the View menu.
    • To open a list of activity templates that is filtered by department, click the Department box in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard, select a department, then in the Templates section of the dashboard, click Show (beside the Total value).
    • You can search, filter, group, and sort the list that Enterprise Course Planner opens.
  2. For each template, the Activity Template Editor displays some properties that are relevant to this task. If one of the following columns is not present, add it to the table:
    • Module Size (see 1, below) is the capacity of the module. It describes how many students will need to attend an activity like this.
    • Planned Size (2) is the capacity of an activity that is created from this template. In other words, it describes how many students can be taught in a single class.
    • Required Activities (3) describes how many activities you must create to accommodate all the students on the module. This property is calculated by dividing the Module Size by the Planned Size, then rounding up to the nearest integer.
    • Existing Activities (4) describes how many existing activities were generated from this template.
    • Need To Generate (5) describe how many more activities must be generated from this template, to accommodate the number of students on the module.

    Figure 19: Activity template editor

  3. Select the activity templates that you want to create activities from. You can select multiple templates.
  4. Decide how many activities to generate:
    • Automatic calculation: For each activity template, the Need To Generate property contains a calculation of how many more activities must be generated. When you select an activity template, Enterprise Course Planner updates the number in the Activities to Generate box (6).

      Note: If you select multiple templates, the box is empty, because each activity template might have a different Activities to Generate value.

    • Manual selection: You can manually type or select a number in the Activities to Generate box.
  5. Specify the naming convention for the activities:
    1. Click Settings (7).
    2. A suffix on the name of each new activity ensures each one has a different name. In the Suffix area, select whether the suffix is a Character or a Number. For example, Data Structures2/P/a or Data Structures2/P/001.
    3. If you chose Character, click A-Z or a-z to choose the case of the suffix. Then, select which letter the series of suffixes will start at.
    4. If you chose Number, select which number the series of suffixes will start at (1, below). Then, select how many digits the suffix will consist of (2).

      Figure 20: Number settings in the Activity Generation Settings window

  6. Click Generate (1, below). Enterprise Course Planner generates activities. After the action completes, an asterisk (2) indicates that the data in the Activity Template Editor window has changed.

    Figure 21: The Generate button and asterisk

  7. To save the new activities, click Apply. Or, to save them and close the Activity Template Editor window, click OK.

    Note: The new activities are not saved to the SDB and are not visible to other users until you use click Writeback in the toolbar above the Enterprise Course Planner dashboard.