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Automatically allocate student sets to activities

When you click Allocate in the Activity Template Allocator window, you can choose from four options that determine which activities the selected student sets will automatically be allocated to.

To automatically allocate student sets, follow these steps:

  1. In the Activity Template Allocator window, click Allocate above the table. This feature allocates all student sets that are listed in the Activity Template Allocator window, and are not currently allocated to an activity in that window.
  2. In the Allocate window, select one of the following options:



    Allocate By Module Choices

    Enterprise Course Planner attempts to allocate student sets that have similar modules to the same activities. In the case where all sets are unallocated, the first set to be allocated will be allocated to an arbitrarily selected activity, because there is no existing allocation to guide the process.

    If you want to guide allocation towards specific activities, making some manual allocations. After a set is allocated to an activity the allocation process will tend towards allocating sets with a similar module choice to that activity.

    Allocate By Name

    Enterprise Course Planner sorts the student sets alphanumerically on their name, then sequentially allocates each student set to an activity. To do this, it follows this process:

    1. Enterprise Course Planner sequentially checks the template's activities to determine whether they can accommodate the student set. The activities are checked in the numerical order in which they are displayed in the Activity Template Allocator window.
    2. If the activity currently under consideration can accommodate the student set, and allocating the student set to that activity will not cause a scheduling problem, the student set is allocated to that activity. The process moves on to the next student set.
    3. Else, Enterprise Course Planner considers the next activity.

    The process continues until all the student sets in the Activity Template Allocator window are allocated.

    Allocate Evenly

    The objective of Enterprise Course Planner is to ensure all activities of the template have a similar Real Size.

    Allocate Randomly

    Enterprise Course Planner selects an activity at random to allocate the student set to.

  3. In the Min Fill box, enter the minimum percentage of total size that Enterprise Course Planner should aim to fill an activity to. During allocation, the allocation option that you select ranks the possible activities by the degree to which they satisfy your chosen allocation option. The student is allocated to the "best" activity. However, the effect of the Min Fill setting can be that the student is not allocated to the top-ranked activity, because allocating them to a lower-ranked activity ensures that the activity satisfies the Min Fill criteria.
  4. Click Allocate. Enterprise Course Planner allocates student sets to activities, then updates the information in the Activity Template Allocator window.